Did you know that hoarding is an insurance risk and that hoarders risk having their home insurance canceled?


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Hoarding is simply keeping or collecting things rather than throwing them away or taking them to a recycle center. It can range in severity from excessive clutter to a compulsive disorder.

The most frequent motive for hoarding is to avoid wasting things that might have some perceived value. Often people who hoard believe that an object could still be usable or might be of interest or value to someone else. This is very often a holdover behavior from hard times a person may have experienced in the past of their lives.

They learned to re-use containers, boxes,  rags, etc. rather than buy new. Repeatedly doing this formed a habit that they cannot seem to break now that times are not so hard. In the beginning it may have had a legitimate underlying motive“ Waste not want not.” However as time goes on it becomes an obsessive compulsive behavior and a person becomes obsessed with”not throwing anything away.”

Compulsive hoarding is not due to laziness or weakness of character, nor is it due simply to disorganization.  Hoarding is a disease that many suffer from.  Some people don’t even realize it is a problem until it’s too late – usually by that time they are far too embarrassed  to openly ask for help.

Hoarding can be a health risk as it prevents proper cleaning of the home. It increases the risk of fire because piles of newspapers, magazines, clothing, and rubbish provide a plentiful supply of combustible material.

Some insurance companies will deny or cancel policies due to excessive clutter and/or compulsive hoarding.  Unfortunately, sometimes hoarding can seriously effect your life and your health.   Hoarding is also a well known fire hazard.

​You are not alone!

Compulsive hoarding isn't anything  to be ashamed of. You are NOT ALONE! There are so many people who also suffer from this disorder and there is help available!

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