What would I have done without them???
Help for Hoarders assisted with a major home clean up required on short notice. This was a very large project that included two floors and a basement. They assisted in not only the physicial cleaning of the home but assisted with organization, boxing of viable options and arranged the disposal of the items marked as trash. After the organization was completed and the trash removed, they conducted a deep clean that was thorough and efficient. 
I contacted Help for Hoarders and spoke to Tamara. She provided an estimate that day and started the project the following day. This was a very difficult time for my family due to illness and not only did they complete every aspect of the project, they were courteous and professional throughout the time that I spent with them. They accomplished in two days what I would have thought was impossible.


We asked them to help us when we first got married in the summer of 2010 - and, wow, was that a task! - as we moved in together for the first time. They were able to help us downsize, assisting us with donating our duplicate goods/furniture to different charitable organizations instead of taking the easy way out and encouraging us to pitch everything. I was so proud of their assistance that I agreed to be interviewed for a news broadcast featuring Above the Best's intervention efforts on hoarding. Sure, there was potential for being embarrassed as being identified as someone who had problems with organization. Nevertheless, I agreed to do the interview because I felt that Tami and Jereme's work allowed us to move from a jumbled newlywed household into a smoothly functioning home. I wanted others to see that they are able to help a whole range of people who were overwhelmed and overbooked, like us, and not just people with longer-term or more-hazardous hoarding problems.

I am so impressed with their attention to detail and their ethics. Tami's even found lost jewelry for me! 

 I hope to have them with us for a long, long time!

Total Customer Satisfaction
Completely satisified with this cleaning service. I was impressed with the attention to detail and professional pride displayed by this cleaning service. I have worked very hard for years putting together my home and it is wonderful to work with a company that values the contents of your home as much as you do. Everything looked wonderful and the house was fresh and clean. Outstanding service very personable and friendly. Top of the line I will use them again.

Tamara is the nicest girl….
Not only did she make my home look & smell awesome, she was SO nice! I would recommend her to anyone! She does the best job.I have hired many other cleaners, she is the one that works.

Customer Testimonials


Help for Hoarders helped my family and I clean my parents home after they passed.  Not only did they comfort us through a very difficult time, they did an amazing job!  They were on time, patient, and so understanding!

I would recommend this company to anyone that needs help cleaning up a big mess!


 Tamara, Jeremy and "the boys" (I can't remember their names) were fun and efficient. They transformed my living room, kitchen and utility from a  cluttered disaster to a pleasant living space. I needed them to do three sessions instead of one huge session, so they will come back in Dec. to finish the living room and do the bathroom next time, and then they will come back in Jan to do the bedroom and whatever else needs to be finished. 

I worked along with Tamara in the living room while the guys tackled the kitchen and the utility room. They did my dishes! Tamara helped me sort through things and gave me encouragement when I wasn't sure what to do with certain items. I have donation bags for various places and several bags of trash were removed. 

I am really looking forward to seeing them in December. I love them!!! They are helping me transform my life on top of my apartment.

Personal and Professional
One thing I particularly appreciate about this team is their attention to detail! Plus, they are ALWAYS happy to attend to new developments that arise. I feel lucky to have them on my team!



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Tamara and her team did an excellent job.  They originally estimated that the job would take 6-8 hours but stayed until the job was completed over 9 hrs. Couldn't ask for more from them.  I've contracted with them to begin bi-monthly cleaning.

Never Short Of Amazing
Being a Mom of 3 I normally don’t have time to do the “Deep” clean, and my husbands make me feel like I have 4 kids! lol but Tamara was AWESOME! She cleans every nook and cranny, not only does she clean amazingly she is one of the most sweetest people ive ever met! I would recommend her with out hesitation she cleans my house every other week and I dont know how I ever lived with out her!! Just AWESOME!!!!

I can not imagine a better, more thorough cleaning service ever. They were amazing. They arrived on time and completed every task above and beyond !  I cant wait to have them back. As a mom. teacher and pack rat, I needed help. They are amazing ! Cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, floors, fans walls !
Member Comments: 
!My home shines. Even my kitties were happy ! I love this team  !

They came, they saw, they conquered!
My dirty house that is! With two BIG dogs and six cats I am always trying and never accomplishing keeping up with the cleaning. Tamara and her crew came in and did a superlative job, doing things I never expected, even for a “deep cleaning”. They were professional and friendly and worked very hard every minute. I’m hoping to have them back monthly.

Thank you so much. — Shelley, New Marshfield, OH

Help for hoarders

Absolutely Fabulous!
Tamara, Jereme and Tyler were thorough, understanding, speedy and FUN when they tackled our home. My husband, son and I are so grateful to them…they turned our clutterheap into a showpiece. They organized our entire home, from our basement to our ceiling fans, along with the important stuff in between: bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, even jewelry!! Though we hired them to do an emergency house makeover, we’re hoping to retain them for weekly cleanings (so that my pack rat tendencies aren’t allowed to return). Tamara, Jereme and Tyler truly are “Above the Best.”

Thank you so much from Jodi, Ernie and Michael in Bexley, Ohio